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Eta Iota History

A Brief History of Eta Iota

   On Sunday, September 8, 1985, seven young ladies, Kendell Lyons, Margaret Steele, Thelma Smith,Monique Upshur, Terri Ballard, Cynthia Suggs, and Regina Paige established the 177th chapter of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority. This chapter was given the name of Eta Iota.

   The Eta Iota chapter was only on the campus of Delaware State College for five years before a decision was made to remove the chapter by former Band Director Mr. Randolf Johnson. For several years our band program went on without the help of Eta Iota or their brother chapter Eta Psi of Kappa Kappa Psi. It was not until the arrival of Mr. Alfred Davis that either Eta Iota or Eta Psi would reappear on Delaware State University's campus. With the help of Mr. Davis and our big sister chapter Epsilon Omega of Morgan State University, Eta Iota was re-established on Sunday, November 16, 2003 by six young ladies, Kadian Cephas, Ticoya Mullen, Tamara Reaves, Recheinda Scott, Yvonne Lomax and Ayeola Coleman, and two honoraries, Jennifer Thompson and Tory F. Smart.

   Our current Band Director, Mr. Randolph Johnson, and sponsor, Recheinda Scott, relies on us to be a positive role model for all the young ladies that belong to our bands.  We predict that not only will we be a positive influence in the band, but also on the campus and in the community.

Tau Beta Sigma: Eta Iota * Delaware State University * 1200 N. Dupont Hwy * Dover * DE * 19904