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TBSigma History

A Brief History on the Sorority

In 1937, Wava Banes, Emily Surrell and Rosell Williams presented the first practical idea for forming a National Band Sorority. Tau Beta Sigma was designed to serve as an honorary service and leadership recognition society. In 1946 the woman of Texas Tech Tau Beta Sigma Band Sorority surrendered their assets to Oklahoma State University Band Club. On March 26, 1946, a charter was granted to Tau Beta Sigma and in 1947 were given the rights of the sister organization to Kappa Kappa Psi.

Mission Statement

We provide exceptional service to collegiate bands and promote equality and diversity, including empowering women in the band profession. We cultivate leadership, educational achievement, music appreciation and community development.


Tau Beta Sigma: Eta Iota * Delaware State University * 1200 N. Dupont Hwy * Dover * DE * 19904